The Carrot Juice & Saffron Ice-cream Float

Prepare to visually experience the most delicious thing since the milkshake…..

In the neighborhood of Chahar Bagh Bala, Isfahan…..


I present to you, the “carrot juice and saffron ice-cream float”:


This drink is really one of those things you need to try for yourself. You may have drank carrot juice before in America but I doubt you have ever come by traditional Iranian saffron ice cream. It is the most delicious ice cream flavor, you really need to trust me on this. If you’ve never tried pure carrot juice, you should try it to get an idea of what it tastes like, because I know they sell it at Hannaford. The juice itself is actually really sweet, carrots have more sugar than any other vegetable. It is this sweetness that complements the ice cream. The combination of the saffron ice cream and carrot juice together is a flavor explosion!

DSC02540This is an ice cream shop in Chahar Bagh Bala, Isfahan. It has everything from ice cream and milkshakes to fruit juices.DSC02548 DSC02551 DSC02555 DSC02556 DSC02558 This ice cream stand guy was pretty cool, he willingly smiled for the camera :). Ice cream shops in Iran are pretty sweet, they have such a variety of flavors and drinks and they open up right onto the street. The drink machines and ice cream dispensers are right on the street.

DSC02562 DSC02563 This is something really cool. If you’ll notice the drink on the left it’s called “Esfarzeh” and it is a drink made with chia seeds. When the chia seeds absorb the drink, they swell up (if you’ve ever put chia seeds in your smoothie). I thought this was pretty cool because I didn’t know they had chia seeds in Iran! The drink to the right is a drink made with another kind of seed, which is a little smaller and resembles poppy seeds. This drink is called “Khakehsheer.” Both of these drinks are known to have healing properties.

DSC02566 If you’ll remember from a previous blog post entitled “Bazar-e Vakil,” I talked about a desert called “faloodeh” made with rice noodles. In the photo above are different colored faloodeh that they had in the same ice cream shop. I thought it was pretty cool and the colors are really pretty.


 The other really interesting type of ice cream that they had in Isfahan are these cool ice cream pops made with fruit that are dairy free, they are basically like sorbet pops. I didn’t try them but they look delicious!

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